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Welcome to Peaceful Petsitters - We offer compassionate and reliable care for your pet while you're away

Mobile Barcode Technology
When you sign up with Peaceful Pet Sitters, a unique barcode containing an individual identification code is created just for you.
Real-Time Certainty™
Our Pet Care Associates use their mobile devices to scan your personalized barcodes upon entry and exit so you have peace of mind and know exactly when your pet is visited.
GPS Tracking
After you receive your real-time alert confirming our Pet Care Associate's arrival, you can use online tools to track GPS coordinates of your dog’s walk.
Online Tools
Pet Check Technology™ provides you with a secure, personalized schedule-management page to help you manage your dog-walking or pet-sitting schedule.

Our Story

Gabe and I were both born and raised here in Santa Fe and are high school sweethearts. After being away from Santa Fe for 10 years we returned home to get married and start our family. I was inspired to create Peaceful Pet Sitters while I was working at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society as an adoption councilor. Two of the most common concerns of new adopters were that they worked long hours or traveled frequently. I could clearly see that pet owners in Santa Fe needed a reliable, trustworthy, consistent pet-sitting and dog-walking company. We travel to your home to provide daily pet-sitting visits, overnight pet-sitting and dog-walking services. We will love your pets like our family.

Our Services

Dog Walking

Every dog is unique. We will provide individualized daily dog walking that is tailored to fit both you and your dog’s needs. Your dog will be walked individually, never with a large group of dogs to ensure safety and one on one attention.

Through our Pet Check Technology™ system, you will know exactly what time your Pet Care Associate arrives, departs and where you dog was walked via GPS tracking.

Daily Pet Sitting

Your pets will be visited in your home when you are away on vacation. Each visit is a minimum of 30 minutes, but we will stay for as long as it takes to make sure your pet is happy, secure and comfortable. Your pets will receive custom care based on their specific needs. We feed, medicate, and clean-up after them; then give lots of love, play, and company. You will know exactly what time your Pet Care Associate arrives and departs through our Pet Check Technology™ system. Daily Pet Sitting visits can be combined with Overnight Pet Sitting visits to provide a full program of daily/nightly care.

Overnight Pet Sitting

Are you worried that your pets will be lonely in the middle of the night? With Overnight Pet Sitting Services, your pets will have someone to cuddle with and tuck them in. This luxury service includes dinner prepared your way, play time, lots of cuddles, tuck in service, morning play or walk, and breakfast. Overnight Pet Sitting visits can be combined with Daily Pet Sitting Visits to provide a full program of daily/nightly care.

I have used Leah and Peaceful Pet Sitters for a few years now. Frankly, Leah is pretty much the only pet sitter that I use. I have found Leah to be very competent, reliable and truly interested in following directions about my dogs. I was gone for a long vacation just a few weeks ago and I could truly relax because I knew my dogs where walked and fed etc. per my instructions. Leah and her crew have taken excellent care of my home as well.

-- Almudena - Tesuque

Leah is great! She is wonderful with my 3 dogs, and they love her. She is the best substitute mom! She has been sitting them when I'm out of town for over a year. She's very responsible, trustworthy and loving to the dogs. I can't ask for more!

-- Erika - Las Campanas

Peaceful Pet Sitters is the best. No joke. I moved to Santa Fe two years ago with 4 cats and 2 dogs and I am a complete worry-wart when it comes to my animals. Peaceful Pet Sitters follow directions to a tee, which is not easy since my finicky cats all eat different foods, hide in bizarre places and occasionally disappear for a day or so. Such a relief and I can actually enjoy my time away. My dogs are always happy to see her which is a dead-give-away that all is well. Thanks Leah for all you do and have done for my critters. You are my forever go-to person whenever I leave town!

-- Carrie - Santa Fe